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    Spicetree Wellness offers aesthetically designed villas of class and elegance in the colonial hill architectural style that blend seamlessly with the luxuriant frame sight.

    The retreat is consisted of 9 opulent rooms and is characterised by panoramic landscape view of the valley making every room a haven in itself, with well-furnished rooms and plush beds, spacious and modern bathrooms with bathtubs overlooking the landscaped valley with private balconies with picture-perfect views.

    All the rooms at Spicetree Wellness are gracefully designed to meet your comfort and convenience and are well-equipped with modern amenities with every single detail cross-checked and verified by our round-the-clock friendly yet discreet associates.

    Other amenities include:

    • A front desk is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Daily housekeeping is included in the room rate
    • Private bathroom for each unit
    • Must not require guests to stay more than 3 nights
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