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    The exclusivity of the forest-covered Western Ghats alongside some much-needed body and soul pampering is what we celebrate at Spicetree Rajakumari.

    Our goal is to bring together the tradition of wellness, support, and diet based on Indian wisdom. For those seeking seclusion, privacy, wellness, and some delicious farm-to-table culinary experience, this retreat promises a new perspective. Our goal is to leave our guests with a lifetime of memories of the lush landscapes and vibrant communities of the Western Ghats. Sustainability is the way of life here.

    Our spa rituals offer a deeply therapeutic touch and a sense of discovery and joy. By reconnecting with nature, we re-energize the universe within. The focus here is not just luxurious rooms and amenities—but a path to re-energize. We thrive on setting a harmony between the design of the property and the experience we’re giving to our guests.

    Spicetree Rajakumari, one of the best luxury spa resorts in Kerala and India, integrates traditional ayurvedic rituals, yoga, spa, and healthy organic cuisine to restore balance and harmonise energy.

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