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    Detox & Cleansing
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    Detox & Cleansing

    Spa Resort Kerala

    Pre Wedding Glow


    A demanding lifestyle and heightened stress levels can leave their mark on your skin, especially when preparing for your big day. Our Pre-Wedding Glow Up program is crafted to work its magic, revitalizing your skin and nurturing your mind and body. Experience a revitalizing journey that radiates beauty from within, making you glow inside out. […]

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    Renewing Journey


    Our renewing journey programme unlocks youthful fervour. It relieves muscle stiffness, rheumatism, and arthritis by cleansing your body from within. In addition to the holistic anti-ageing process, this programme also includes skin nourishment and beauty treatments.  In order to strengthen immunity, the programme focuses on balancing nutrition, improving microcirculation, boosting agni, and developing a richer […]

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    Ayurvedic Detox

    Foundation & Comprehensive

    The Ayurvedic detox can seem appealing for a number of reasons. Also known as Panchakarma, this specialised treatment focuses on nourishment rather than deprivation, thus providing a balance of healing and replenishment to both the body and mind. Do you suffer from fatigue, irritability, stiffness of the body, undesired weight gain or weight loss, unexplained […]

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