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    Spicetree Rajakumari’s rejuvenation cuisine blends the finest Indian, traditional Keralan and international menus. The emphasis is on farm-fresh and organic food low in fat and calories using whole grains fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, thus avoiding any artificial ingredients.
    Ayurvedic culinary in SpiceTree Rajakumari’s is doctor prescribed based on wellness and Ayurvedic principles the diet is mainly based on Tridosha vadha, Pitha and Kapha.
    Also, experience private cooking lessons with our master chefs, unearth the secrets of herbs and spices used in the Keralan cuisine and master the authentic taste of Kerala

    Dine on freshly grown

    Everything at Sugati is organic. We create our own food, organic and fresh from the garden. Any shortages in the supply are met by the local farmers focusing on organic farming methods, which indirectly helps in reducing the Carbon Footprint. We serve RO treated water prepared in-house in purified, sterilized reusable glass bottles for drinking.

    Our Principles
    • We try to choose non-contaminated soil for the cultivation.
    • We believe in the biodiversity of the soil, and use only natural methods of fertilizers, soil building and pest management.
    • We don’t use Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds for cultivation.
    • Our farm is 100% organic crop production.
    How we strive to be Organic?
    • We forbid ourselves from using any artificial or synthetic chemicals.
    • Instead, we use herbal and plant-based solutions for pest control, preventing diseases and for attracting beneficial organisms, like, ladybugs, butterflies, bees and other friendly bugs.
    • The seeds used for cultivation is naturally grown. GMO seeds are not used in our land.
    • Natural fertilizers are used and are made out of compost and other natural wastes

    Also, while you are at SpiceTree Rajakumari, take some time out to learn the recipes of your favourite dishes from our chef and recreate them for your friends and family back home.

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